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YKG Foods is the story of love for the land, nature and the wonderful flavors of these lands. The partners of YKG Foods, who set off with this love, joined forces to share the flavors of the fertile lands of Anatolia which were carried to the legends with the whole world.
Company partners who have different educations and different fields of business combined their professional equipment in the field of foreign trade and adopted to provide the best under the best conditions as a principle.The privilege of YKG Foods is based on a fully integrated work by producing its products on its own lands, processing it in its own facilities and offering it to the market with its own means.

YKG Foods, which produce fruits and vegetables in its own lands aims to have a corner not only in Turkey but also on the world market in the coming period by expanding and developing its production areas and facilities. In line with this goal, in addition to the products that it produces, it wants to share Malatya’s apricot, Mediterranean citrus, Manisa’s grape, Aydın’s fig, Kemalpaşa’s cherry, Sultanhisar’s strawberry and many more local products with the World.

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